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About Kestrel

Kestrel wines are created from the best fruit Yakima Valley and our 126 acre estate vineyard can offer. We craft wines that showcase a “Sense of Place” and Yakima’s unique terroir. Using old world methodology and new world technique, we make wines with our founding philosophy in mind: Great wines should be on everyone’s table, every day.

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Our Wines

From Vine to Wine

 The Kestrel View Estate Vineyard is home to some of the oldest Chardonnay, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon wines in the state with plantings dating back to 1972.

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Wine Tasting

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We have three locations for you to experience our wines and engage the Kestrel culture. We invite you to visit us at one of these locations at your earliest convenience.

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“Wine makes all things possible”

George R.R. Martin

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“The wine from Kestrel is always pretty good, but the best thing is when they have case sales! We recently stopped in when cases of Lady in White were on closeout for $40! Atmosphere is cozy and relaxing, and the sommelier was very friendly and generous with allowing us ample tasting before making a decision. We also appreciated the decent every day prices on single bottles.”

Eric Allan

“They provide the best tasting experience here. They go through and find what you would ultimately enjoy trying based on preference rather than using a set list. Wonderful experience. And they have the best hot mulled wine ever.”

Chantelle Paulson

“Thanks so much for a great experience..we love the wines and bought 2 cases today.!! We will be back.“

Linda Corthell

“Karen was truly knowledgeable, hospitable, and amiable. I thoroughly enjoyed my time here as did my companions. Top notch wine and top notch service, I will be back and I highly reccomend to everyone to go here as well.“

Allison Grossberg

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