Kestrel Sightings


The Kestrel is native to North America and the smallest of the falcon genus.  Also known as the sparrow hawk, Kestrels are preditory hawks that have a unique ability to hover above their prey. They are small, but they fiercly protect our vineyard from ground squirrels and other pests that like to nibble on the vines.  As John and Helen walked Kestrel’s estate vineyard, this beautiful bird endeared itself to them and that was how the name of our estate vineyard and winery was born.

We are an artisan winery, small but fierce, like the Kestrel.

Meet “Merlot” (see above).  Merlot was named for Kestrel winery and one of the many birds of prey cared for by our local Raptor House.

On our bottles there is an image of this magnificent looking falcon.  So we designed a program for our customers, to have fun and be creative.

We love our Kestrel Ambassadors and we love to see where you go with our wines.  Do you have a Kestrel Sighting? Take pictures of these sightings and be clever! We will review and award you for originality.

You can submit your photos by completing the form at the bottom of this page . Or post them onto our Facebook page.  Share where and when the photo was taken.