Falcon Series

Every grape from Kestrel View Estate is tended to and intended to be blended into our Signature Series in a first growth Bordeaux House mentality. This presents the perfect canvas to create and design a multiple tiered system.  From the Signature Series and Winemaker's Select Series our premier fruit can then be declassified to our Falcon Series; wines made at an everyday price point.  With the Falcon Series, our consumers can purchase full varietals, or our Tribute blend for less than twenty-five dollars.  



2013 was a warm vintage in Washington and should produce some amazing wines in the years to come. Cabernet Sauvignon is a varietal that enjoys warmer weather so we are excited to share this wine with you. The color is reminiscent of bright red currant or garnet. Nice toasty oak notes, a mild earthiness, spicy heat and some dried fruit flavors are noticeable on the nose. The flavor profile starts off with a kind of crispy currant and sweet acid profile before giving way to some silky tannins. Overall this is a very smooth enjoyable Cabernet Sauvignon. Read the full wine description »


2011 Merlot

Our 2011 Falcon Series Merlot is an exceptionally beautiful wine. The color is black sapphire. In the aroma and on the palate there are multiple layers of ripe red fruits and dark fruits such as raspberry, sweet cherry, dried cranberry, red currant, blackberry, elderberry and plum.

There are also hints of savory herbs, white pepper, and straw. The wine is full bodied, complex, has exquisitely smooth tannins and a lingering fruit finish. Read the full wine description »


2014 Sauvignon Blanc

The wine is clear with just the faintest hint of green and sunshine yellow. In the nose you will find citrus aromas, lemon grass, straw, distinctive floral notes and minerality.

Beneath the layers of citrus you will find passion fruit, gooseberry, melon, pear and fresh cut grass. The wine is heavy on aromatics with good mouth feel and structure. The result is a refreshing wine with crisp acidity. Read the full wine description »



This wine won DOUBLE GOLD at the 2015 Seattle Wine Awards

2011 Estate Sangiovese

This wine is garnet in color with deep red accents at its margins.  It possesses aromas of cherry, cassis, elderberry, pomegranate, and dried herbs.  On the palate you will experience an extremely full bodied, balanced Sangiovese, with notes of vanilla, cedar and toast.  Because of the naturally high acidity of Sangiovese it is a perfect accompaniment to food.

We employ a number of different techniques to increase color and intensity.  A fan training system spreads the fruit out over a larger area.  This improves exposure to sun.  Then, we leave only one bud per spur, and one cluster per shoot.  This reduces the yield and keeps the fruit spread over the vine.  As the days start to get shorter, we will do extensive leaf removal from around the clusters, to allow even better exposure to the sun.  After we hand harvest and crush the fruit, we employ one last practice called saigné.  In this procedure we draw off about 20% of the juice from the fermentation tank. This intensifies the color and flavors of the remaining wine by increasing the skin to juice ratio. Once optimum color and flavor had been extracted, they were pressed off to barrels. The wine spent twenty-two months aging in small French, Hungarian and American oak barrels.  

 Read the full wine description »


2011 Syrah

As always, the color is an inky purple crimson, centering to black. In the aroma and on the palate you will find an abundance of ripe fruit flavors such as; black currant, boysenberry, black cherry, cranberry, pomegranate and blueberry jam.

Beneath the layers of fruit you will discover cardamom, cocoa, orange rind, fennel seed, and lavender. This is a rich full bodied, and complex wine. The velvety smooth mouth feel, supple soft tannins and lingering finish will leave you wanting just one more sip.




2011 Tribute

The wine is black with dark crimson edges. In the aroma you will find ripe dark fruits such as cherry, pomegranate, and blueberry. These fruit flavors are accompanied by dried herbs, cola, caramelized fruit, white pepper and floral aromas.

On the palate you will receive bright flavors of cherry, berry, spice and plum jam. The body of the wine is full, yet sweet and smooth. It is deliciously balanced with a lingering finish, and supple tannins. Read the full wine description »



The Viognier was hand picked and whole cluster pressed. The juice was chilled for several days before being racked off its lees. Simply put racking is siphoning your wine off of the dead yeast, known as lees, into a clean container. There are two reasons to rack your wine. First it helps clarify your wine but it can also prevent off flavors from the decomposing yeast. Over time yeast and other sediment will precipitate out of your wine and settle to the bottom. The cloudiness will dissipate with each successive racking until you are left with a nearly clear wine. Next it was fermented at 53 degrees until nearly dry.

By fermenting in stainless steel at very cool temperatures we were able to preserve the natural fruit characteristics of the Viognier grape. Read the full wine description »



This pretty wine possesses delicate spice notes and a floral perfume. In the nose you will find hints of citrus blossom, clover honey, baking spices, and honeysuckle. In the mouth there are tantalizing flavors of citrus, pear, allspice and honey. These sweet flavors linger for some time, and are clean and balanced by firm acidity.

The Gewürztraminer for this semi sweet German varietal come from Kestrel View Estate Vineyards. The fruit was hand harvested and whole cluster pressed to a stainless tank. The juice underwent a cool slow fermentation using Cote de Blanc yeast. The combination of these factors helped to preserve the fine fruit and floral qualitites. This in combination with the spicy character of Gewürztraminer, and a residual sugar of 1.2%, results in a wine which is delicate and fruit driven with subtle sweetnes.