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Lady in Red Holiday Edition

Our Lady In Red Holiday Edition is a blend of hand crafted reds that have been thoughtfully combined.  The resulting product is a stunning holiday sipper.

This wine possesses a deep color, reminiscent of black cherry.  In the aroma you will find flavors of cherry, strawberry, cranberry, pomegranate, licorice and red currant flavors. This extremely full bodied wine boasts structure and balance.  The lingering finish holds many layers of blueberry, dark ripe fruits, spice, toast, coco, and dried herbs.    Mrs. Clause will treat you right this holiday season.  



Lady in Red

The fruit used to produce Lady In Red 10th Edition was grown at several outstanding locations around the Yakima Valley and Columbia Valley, including our own Kestrel View Estate Vineyard. Grapes from the chosen sites produce wines brimming with ripe black and red fruit flavors, coupled with generous full mouth feel.

The fruit which composes Lady In Red 10th Edition was carefully picked at it height of maturity, then de-stemmed and crushed leaving 15% whole berries. It was fermented at 85°F, in small batches, for 7 to 10 days, then gently pressed so as not to extract any harsh tannins. Fifty percent was then aged in small oak barrels until bottling. Read the full wine description »


Lady in White

Our white table wine has traditionally been a blend of Viognier, and Gewürztraminer, with a splash of Pinot Gris. This year a touch of Muscat also found its way in. The grapes were harvested simultaneously and blended as juice in the fermenter.

The juice underwent a cool slow fermentation using Côte de Blanc yeast. The combination of these factors helped to preserve the fine fruit and floral qualities of the varieties. The fermentation was stopped at 0.8% Residual Sugar. The resulting wine is a marriage of spice and floral elements. Read the full wine description »

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The Dance

The color is black becoming very deep plum at its margins.  The mouth is filled with dark fruit such as:  Van cherries, pomegranates, Elk Heart plums, loganberries, cola, coco, dried herbs, cigar, coffee and smoke.  This expansive and generous wine boasts full body, ripe dense fruit flavors, with sweet supple tannins and a lively finish.

The fruit was hand-picked and sorted to remove any leaves that may have found their way into the bins.  The tiny berries were soaked in their own juices to transfer all the goodness of the grapes to the wine.  Once the precious color and flavor had been extracted, the wine was pressed into barrels. There it spent twenty-two months aging in small French, Hungarian and American oak before being bottled. 

Love life to the fullest.  Dance! Read the full wine description »